Next Level Worship Leader

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Course Description
This course is designed to give both theological and practical training to those who serve in worship ministry or who desire to have a richer, more robust understanding of worship. In order to minister to the heart of God AND lead people well we need to have a solid biblical foundation for spirit and truth worship. In this course we'll explore topics such as: The Ultimate Worship Leader, The Names of God Revealed, 7 Hebrew Words for Praise, Intro to the Tabernacle of David, Next Level Teams, Demystifying Prophetic Worship, When the Unplanned Happens, Singing in the Spirit

Course Objectives
- Understand and minister to the heart of God - Become a more confident, powerful leader - Effectively communicate thru creativity - Learn to lead people well - Become more sensitive to Holy Spirit - Learn to steward the presence of God in a room - Expand your musical vocabulary and language